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Dan Murch

Artisan Joiner

Dan Murch

Dan Murch-Seage is a highly experienced artisan joiner. He has been creating and inventing things since he was a young child living in Devon. Inspired by his father’s ingenuity, Dan soon mastered the tools and techniques of the trade, and went on to study Creative Design and Technology at school. It was here that he designed and built his first piece of furniture.

Whilst studying engineering at college, Dan got a job in an antiques shop and quickly learnt how to restore vintage furniture. This was soon followed with a position designing and estimating timber framed lodges. As neither job completely fulfilled his passion for design, he sought opportunities elsewhere. Aged 20 he was employed as a soft-wood bench joiner, and within a year became responsible for running the Bed and Table Department. Besides manufacturing the existing range, he contributed further by designing new pieces himself.

Transferring his creative and practical skills to materials other than timber, Dan joined a modern joinery in Bristol and experimented with laminate, stone, various metals, acrylic and glass. What he produced during this period were highly sophisticated pieces of furniture and interiors. Yet, with a desire to gain even more design experience, he got involved with one of the most innovative exhibition companies in the UK.

Working as an exhibition joiner, Dan travelled the world building launch platforms for Orange, Motorola, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Santander, and Hasbro to name but a few. Now back in his home county of Devon, Dan has his own workshop where he creates unique bespoke pieces of furniture using sustainable and reclaimed materials whenever he can.

Gaining inspiration from the natural beauty around him, he is open to commissions, or has a selection of exclusive products that can be bought via this site.


Dan's extensive experience across a wide range of joinery and building projects enables him to offer a broad range of services. Here are just a few ideas.


Examples of Work